Top 15 Korean Drama 2018

Korean Drama are also known as k-drama in the Korean language, made in South Korea. In this article we are listing top 15 all time popular korean drama to watch them on your laptop, PC, mobile and other device. These are best and popular k drama for 2018. Now have a look for these drama and get overview about them from this article.

top Korean Drama

Top 15 Korean Drama 2018

  1. CROSS

    Versatile actors Go Kyung Pyo , Jo Jae Hyun and Jun So Min make their comeback in their upcoming drama which is a medical thriller .In cross ,Kang In Gyu (Go Kyung Pyo)’s father was brutally murdered 13yrs ago .So he became a doctor that uses medical practices to kill in order to take revenge of his fathers death.


    Bird Observer Soo JIn (Lee Bo Young, God’s gift -14 days)Joins an elementary school. She is good at her job and generally kind And then she meets Hye Na (Heo Yool) her student who is a sweet girl ,full of life able to brighten up her teacher’s day .Soo JIn grows found of Hye Na but realizes her relation with her mother is not good .She notice that her student is a victim of abuse. In order to save Hye Na she decides to kidnap her and decides to become her mother .


    The drama tells of an android called Nam Shin III who pretend to be the son of a family when the real Nam Shin falls into a coma. Nam Shin’s mother, is a genius on brain technology and artificial intelligence, so when her son, the real Nam Shin, is taken away from her at a young age, in her grief she creates an android that looks exactly like her son. But when Nam Shin, who is a third generation heir to PK group, gets in an accident and is comatose, the android Nam Shin III must learn how to take his place.


    This is the hilarious one .This is a story of three friends who are struggling in the industry .They decide to open a guest house to collect some fund for their own film .But when a mysterious guest comes to their life ,their life go in different direction. This film will make you laugh until you roll on the floor .Its also known as Eulachacha Waikiki.

  5. MISTY

    Go Hye Ran is an ambitious anchorwoman becomes suspect in Murder case .Her marriage has gone through many ups and downs ,But Her husband Kang Tae Wool defends her wife . Will their be Divorce or Love ? This drama is a suspense and will let you keep guessing what will happen next .


    Its about a high school student dying 12yrs in the past only to comeback in the present alive . He had best friend ,both were very affectionate towards each other and she never got over his death. In the present his best friend is 31 years old and he is 19. They connect to each other and this is what the plot is all about why he was sent back and with some strange new abilities . Title truly describe the whole story “REUNITED”.


    Bong pill has only loved one women from past 28years .She is his childhood friend Soo JIn .But she is getting married to pharmacist within a week ,there seems to be nothing he can do about it .One day by coincidence , Bong pill get himself into a manhole and find himself that he can go back and forth through it.Now the point is will they be able to marry ? will things change ?


    Cheon Jae is a detective and is extremely smart .He only trust scientific investigation .He is guided only by facts ,logic and numbers .Kim Dan is also a detective .She possesses ability to see moments when victim die .They both work together to uncover a conspiracy involving a powerful organisation.


    A man who has ability to induce romance by adding magical love pollens on the coffee served by his family owned cafe ,finds meaning of true love when he is forced to confront that his destiny would endanger the life of the first women he has ever loved .


    The Korean drama tells of a man (Park Dong Hoon) in his 40s endure life’s burden .A women in her 20s ,come across different experiences but she is also resistant to her burdens of life .Its about a man and women who gather together to help each other.

  11. LIVE

    It tells a story of a police officer -from the lowest feild cadets and patrol officers to their superior including corporals ,captains and more as they form the “LIVE” team at the Hongil Patrol Division .Each officer has their own story and each works hard in their own places at one of the busiest and stressful job in world to earn a living .


    It tells the story of the forgotten soldiers in the Korean history , a child who was taken to US in an incident during 1971 .Who spent his living in a foreign land and comes back later after several years as an American Soldier meeting an aristocrat’s daughter who fells in love with him.


    It is story of a man who regrets letting her first love go ten years ago because he didn’t had the courage to confess .However he gets a chance to confess his love when he travels back in time and got to know that she loves him too . Unfortunately for him, he’s got stiff competition: The past Shin Woo and the present Shin Woo .Its a battle between two men from two different time.


    Kim Min Kyu suffers from extreme human allergy .He interact with humans very less. A robot Aji developed from his company’s funding is introduced to him ,he easily got attached to him ,he also don’t suffer from any allergy when he is beside him .He isn’t aware that the robot is a human being .The actual robot needs to be fixed so developer find his ex girlfriend . With Min Kyu confronting his emotions with the robot, Ji Ah realizes that she has the same feelings. A charming tale of trust, betrayal and forgiveness, will surely be upto your expectations.


    The actor works as a radio program writer , Her mother cannot see and as a child she use to listen radio with her mom this led her to become radio program writer ,but she is not talented in writing that’s why the radio program is facing cancellation. This is all about on what the story is made .

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