How To Open Office Word, Excel, And PowerPoint Files In Any Web Browser

Microsoft office is one of the most handy, useful and one of the most popular office suites. Many will need a solution to open and edit documents created with office applications like Microsoft docs, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft except etc. And while Microsoft office suite might seem to be the only option to run these applications on your system many people do not want to install office suite on their computer. If you are on the receiving end of these documents you must be familiar with the hassles that come with these documents.

Google chrome over the past few years has emerged as the finest and the most powerful web browser for both windows and Mac devices. The team working behind chrome is dedicated to keep it at the pinnacle of browsers and constantly keeps evolving and updating the browser with new features.

Open Office Files In Any Web Browser

How To Open Office Word, Excel, And PowerPoint Files In Any Web Browser

There are a variety of reasons why chrome has been the favorite browser of the masses. First of all, the interface it supports is clean and user friendly. Secondly, with the constantly updating algorithms the team has made sure that chrome remains the fastest browser out there. Lastly, there are a plethora of features it supports, extensions, web applications and allowance to open PDF files in the browser itself.

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What will happen if we combine these two most powerful applications. Digital supremacy. And while chrome supports most applications and even PDF file viewer, support for Microsoft office was the only thing it was lacking. However now with the addition of an extension this feature can be added to our browser. This means, no need to install office suite on your devices. And universal viewing for office files since chrome is viable for both windows and Mac.

Open Office Files In Any Web Browser

Earlier, Microsoft office viewer was an alternative to the suite where users view office documents without having to download the entire suite.

Now, though, chrome allows users to open and view office files without having to download office client. Users can download the chrome office viewer extension so that they can view office word, excel and PowerPoint files in the browser itself. The current beta version of these apps supports the formats .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt and .pptx .

How to install and use this extension

  1. Visit ‘’ of chrome office viewer and choose the option of add this to chrome button to install this extension.

PS- the extension is only supported by beta version of chrome. If you are using another version of chrome the button will be disabled with a message “This application is not supported on this computer. Installation has been disabled”.

  1. After installation, a supported word, excel or PowerPoint document can be downloaded. Right click on the file and choose the ‘open the file in new tab’.

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