Top 10 WIFI Analyzer Apps for Android

Everyone has a Wi-Fi connection at home or office. We use it to download movies and songs, watching Netflix, live streams on Hotstar and videos on YouTube and surfing through various social media platforms.

But most of the times, we figure out that the speed of the Wi-Fi is not appropriate as per the plan. We call our Internet Service Provider (ISP). They say everything is alright from our side.
We think, what could be the potential problem of slow internet speed?

Don’t think!

Wi-Fi Analyzer apps are the best solution to this problem. It tells you the various factors of slow internet speed such as an overcrowded wireless channel, connectivity issues etc. A Wi-Fi analyzer app will help you to analyse your internet network, so as to ensure the best possible speeds from your Wi-Fi.

Where do you get a Wi-Fi Analyzer App?

It’s available on the Android play store, Windows, macOS, as well as on iOS for FREE and very easy to use.
We don’t want people to waste their time finding the best Wi-Fi Analyzers on their mobile. So, we have listed top 10 best Wi-Fi Analyzers Apps for ANDROID only.

Top 10 WIFI Analyzer Apps for Android

  1. Wifi Analyzer (by farproc)

    Wifi Analyzer (by farproc)It shows the Wi-Fi channels around you and helps you to find a less crowded channel for your wireless router.
    Wi-Fi Analyzer will help you get a status of your network’s channel and also presents the best available channel in order to get the best possible speed.
    When you launch the app, you will see graphs of all the internet connections available in your area.
    The graph depicts is that a stronger connection has a higher graph and weaker connection has a lower graph. Basically, this app gives you a fair idea for which channel you should select channel ratings.
    You can see all the star ratings of various internet connections. In order to see your router’s star ratings and its best channel, touch on “Select My AP” and select your router. You can now see your router’s rating and the best channels for best possible internet speed.
    You can also choose your preferences in the router settings according to your router’s channels as well.

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  2. WiFiAnalyzer (open source) by VREM Software Development

    WiFiAnalyzer open sourceWiFiAnalyzer (open source) represents your Wi-Fi network by examining surrounding Wi-Fi networks graphically and measure the signal strength as well as identify crowded channels.
    This app uses little permission as possible. It asks for just enough to perform the analysis. It does not require access to internet, so you can be sure it does not send any personal/device information to any other source and it does not receive any information from other sources.

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  3. NetX Network Tools

    NetX Network ToolsThe User Interface feels modern and responsive. You can see all the networks around you in a graph mode or rating mode, whichever gives you best possible internet speeds.
    Find out which channel has the least crowd and select that one which gives the highest ratings. It is a very handy application and for free.

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  4. Wifi Analyzer (by Web provider)

    Wifi Analyzer (by Web provider)The app is great. It provides a great visualization of the signals along each channel spectrum. It is really valuable tool to have for troubleshooting those possible issues of interference.
    Wifi Analyzer provides useful information about wireless signals around you. It helps to find optimal placement for Wi-Fi receivers. Wifi Analyzer provides you information individually on Wi-Fi channels so that you can get the best possible speed.

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  5. IP Tools: WiFi Analyzer

    IP Tools WiFi AnalyzerWiFi analyzer will help you get full and clear picture of your network state. With IP Tools, analysis and optimization are fast, easy and absolutely friendly.
    This is a great app. One down point in this app is that Wi-Fi analyzer requires location access and will not work without it.

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  6. WiFi Analyzer (by Soapy soft)

    WiFi Analyzer (by Soapy soft)WiFi Analyzer allows you to visualize WiFi signals all around you.
    It works with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks. Make your WiFi Faster!

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  7. WiFi Analyzer – Network Analyzer

    WiFi Analyzer Network AnalyzerWiFi Analyser – Network Analyzer can optimize WiFi Channel and is best WiFi Channel Scanner and WiFi Channel Analyzer.
    It can tell you Wi-Fi signal strength and see which Wi-Fi signal is better Wi-Fi signal strength meter. But it contains a lot of Ads. The ads are obtrusive. Otherwise this app would be great.

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  8. Wifi Analyser (by keuwlsoft)

    Wifi Analyser (by keuwlsoft)Another good Wi-Fi analyzer app. It monitors strength of nearby Wi-Fi networks. Use it to find a good location for your Wi-Fi hub or use it to identify a channel with little overlap with neighbouring networks.

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  9. WiFi Analyzer (by Zoltán Pallagi)

    WiFi Analyzer (by Zoltán Pallagi)Optimize Wi-Fi with the most intuitive WiFi analyzer tool on the Google Play! Increase the network performance via analysing and monitoring your Wi-Fi network!It is a really useful tool to evaluate Wi-Fi strength and performance.

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  10. WiFi Analyzer and Surveyor

    WiFi Analyzer and SurveyorWiFi Analyzer and Surveyor from Manage Engine effectively monitor the signal strength, channel graph, and channel interference of all the available WiFi networks.
    It uses the WiFi monitor to detect slow WiFi networks, identify channel interference and poor signal strength.
    This app is good! It’s very clean and well organized. Even though it’s very simple it has a lot of functionality!

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So, we have listed top 10 best WIFI Analyzer Apps for Android. All of them work the same. It the User Interface, accuracy and representation of data which creates a difference between these apps on play store.
Want to watch a new TV series on Netflix?
Quickly download one of the Wi-Fi Analyzer app listed above.

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